Sunday, 19 December 2010

Snow is falling all around

Here in the UK we dont very often get a tonne of snow before xmas but this year we had it as early as Nov. I like the look of snow very pretty but hate driving in it our country just doesnt know how to handle so much of it we are not equiped the local council run out of grit etc. I think they should visit Norway or Austria where they have snow every winter.

Here in the Midlands (Warwickshire) we have got off lightly as some areas of the UK have had really bad weather for weeks my heart goes out to those in the north who seem to hit the worst of it each time

some are saying white xmas which would be nice but only a little bit so i can get to Dad's easy

Merry xmas all and whatever the weather stay warm and safe
Gail, Cleo and the tribe

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