Monday, 30 August 2010

Weekend Jollies

We had a bank holiday weekend here in UK which means the Monday is a nation holiday.
On Sunday I went to a garden/craft center close to where I live, they had a big indoor hall full of little craft stalls, a few units outside and a lovely tea rooms. With good home cooked foods on sale to either eat in or take away to cook yourself.

After looking in vane in local town i found a craft bag to put my bits and peices in when im crochetering, and after years of searching found a lady selling a otterman which i remember my mum having across the bottom of her bed when i was a child this one was a small one just right for my flat.

Today the Monday we went 10 miles to West Brom to the Sandwell Valley show where a few of my reborn friends had stalls, they had a good day selling a few reborns. I took along darcy in her pram and had a few really nice comments and a couple of "how werid" but I enjoyed the day very much.

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After a month of being on this new blogger I have 16 followers wow! Welcome to one and all I hope you enjoy my little ramblings. I certainly enjoy reading all your blogs we have talent abound on this site.

Thank you all for the wonderful comments and new found friendships

please pop back any time you wish

Hug and love

Friday, 27 August 2010

Home at Last

I have made a lovely new friend in Debbie Lee of the THE LITTLE SAINTS NURSERY blogs and when i saw this darling girl I just had to treat myself. But what a long long wait no fault of Debbie's just a very tireing journey for my little poppet, Debbie posted her out at the beginnig of the month and we were both holding our breaths and wondering if she was ok, I then contacted the customs in Southampton who said the parcel wasnt even in the country, but the two days later she arrived and judging from the label on parcel had been sitting in London customs for a week poor love.

But she is home and cuddled, showed off at my place of work and everybody thought she was adoreable, most saying she was a poppet, a sweetie and a ture work of art. I just love her hair and the wonderful little dummy!!

I am just glad she is safe, Now I am debatiing as to putting her in my dolls house when finish or keeping her with the other small mini doll in a little basket in living room where she will be seen more.

After a couple of days of thinking about a name I am going to call her Fay as she is like a little fairy, very delicate.

Thank you once again Debbie for a lovely work of art to add to my collection

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Car boot Bargin

Went along to our local car boot this weekend as I was looking for a crib or moses basket for Charlotte Rose. I found a bargin a wooden rocking crib for £2 no bedding but that doesnt matter. Dad got a nice chair for his toddler dolls with winnie the pooh on for £1.50.

These car boots that have sprung up in the UK are really good if you got time to browse through the nick naks, some granted is rubbish but you can find little gems. One lady does superb baby clothes all in plastic wrapers and most no more than £3. Dad got trousers, cardi, and 4 t-shirts all for a £5....bargin!!!

Decided to paint the outside of dolls house oatmeal as the blue made it look a bit lost as my wall of nursery is blue. but i think once the white of the windows, roof tiles and the black of railings it will look very nice indeed

Friday, 13 August 2010

The Laurels - Phase one

As I am off work with a eye infection thought it would be a good idea to make a start on the Laurels so I rang dad to pop along and help, and off we went the hardest part was getting the glue out of the tubes lol

But we enjoyed painting the base coat and putting it together all ready for the next stage now

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

my nursery room at last

Welcome to Barvil Nursery I have at last got my spare bedroom sorted out and got rid of clutter - mostly to tip, charity. Dad helped me move the wardrobe into the big bedroom and put a shelf up for he office corner. So now I have a couple of dolls pram in the corner of the living room and a nice little office come nursery...Called Barvil Nursery which is the first three letters of my dads and mums names
Barry and Vilma

My picture of Eeyore was a car boot bargain of just 20pence

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Manchester Show 2010

Dad and I went to the Discover Dolls show at Manchester today and thoroughly enjoyed our day. It was all in one room but not too crowded, not as many stalls as the two day show. I saw and chatted with lots of my new found friends within the reborn world and Maxina at Threads for Tiny Tots has said she will make me a dress with Eeyore on or a romper suit as I have been looking all over for one to no avail and if I did find one some lovely person always pipped me to the post on eBay lol.

I purchased a lovely dress for my new adopted reborn Charlotte Rose and a delightful Victorian Pram with a mini babe in to display on my unit at home in the nursery corner. We came away just after lunch as we had a couple hours drive. Rather pleased with the day.


Thursday, 5 August 2010

New Arrival - Welcome Charlotte Rose

Work dragged and dragged but i finally was driving to my friend to pick up my surprise

So all the way from Cornwall via Coventry Via Blackatree rd with my best mate Chris to finally Goth towers.........

A box has come to rest on Battys coffee table ....what can it be -- bet you all guess
oooohhhh and fudge for me from my good friend Lynda Fountain who reborned this delightful little girl for me

Welcome home to Charlotte Rose - who is a Lucy By Marissa May - Its always very exciting to get a new collectible doll but this is the very first time I have had one delivered as normally I collect from the artists home or pick up at shows so was a little worried the parcel people wouldn't lose her but she arrived with in one day.
Thanks so much my darling Lynda for letting me adopt Charlotte, She is super so tiny and snugly, Love her Cornwall Bear. She arrived super fast and in brilliant condition. She has been welcomed home by Damon, Darcy, Kissie and Ellie-May who is looking after her and sharing a pram with her so she isn't lonely and gets over the shock of being sent to Coventry ...... plus Cleo loved her smell her nose was twitching

Monday, 2 August 2010

Welcome GoldDust

I went along to the doll and bear fair at Sutton Coldfield yesterday and adopted this lovely little Charley Bear called Golddust he is so cute
I had a smashing time at the show lots of reborn stalls. It was an extra joy for Dad and I as my friend Nikki who has a table their wasnt too well so she asked us to help sell her babies. It was lovely to be involved with the show instead of just being visitor and she has asked us to help her at other shows. Dad managed to sell a baby, then fell in love with a Noah kit and bought that one himself

Will put up pics of show when i have a bit more time

Below is Noa renamed Dillion