Saturday, 31 July 2010

The Laurels - dolls house - the start

Was very excited today as I went to pick up my dolls house. The pic is a photo of what was on the box to give you some idea, will post pics of work in process as i go along. This is my first one called the Laurels. Sue at the shop gave me tips about the painting, wallpapering and the floors, then I had a good look round the shop. Some really nice pieces. Sue runs a unit called Suzie Mac's on the Hoar Park Farm in Warwickshire UK, along with other country crafts units its a very nice location.
I have ordered a book from eBay which describes each room in the Victorian house as I would like to furnish my house in that style as I have always wanted to live in an Victorian house.
I will start the house in two to three weeks as I am in the middle of re-vamping and cleaning out rooms in my flat, but the enjoyable part is planning what I want in each room, style of wallpaper and floor etc which will keep me happy for days if not weeks.
Although I wasn't going to buy any items for my house until the building had been done I just couldn't resit a goreous hansom cab made by small wonders this on line shop is well worth a visit and Doreen who runs it is a lovely lady to do business with.

small for web


Thursday, 29 July 2010

Reborn Album

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Start of Reborn Collection

March 2010
Dad was so interested in my Ellie-may I adopted that he decided to have a toddler doll hence Bella came along Dad went to Nikki Thorpe and I went along for the ride. Nikki was a lovley girl been reborning for a while and introduced us to all her babies I fell in love with a Noah kit doll such a sweetie she was a sleeping one. Nikki and I got along like a house on fire she seemed to enjoy all the things I did. On the way home I commented that if I had the cash I would of had Noah, I had only been in my flat 10 mins and the phone rang it was Dad. "If you want that Noah I will give you the cash" I was overjoyed. Dad and I decided to do a joint collect as we both dont have that much space at home. So the next day back to Nikki's we went and Noah renamed Darcy (yes after Mr Darcy played by the wonderful Colin Firth) came home. I was invited to call round to Nikki any time and as she only lives 20 mins from me I have took her up on the offer and I am so please I did, as she has told me about the fourm New Born Treasures that Sandra Rudd of has set up for newborn artists and boy what a friendly fourm it is one of the best ive belonged to they have monthly meetings and pram pushes where we all meet up (some have lovely silver cross vintage prams) and show off our reborns which in turn helps them get orders.

Now end of July Dad and I have 14 new friends and a brilliant hobby and had some smashing days out at local steam fairs or carnivals with our prams.
I now own a childs silver cross and my aim over the next month is to turn the bottom of my seating room into a show case for the babies and my spare bedroom into a office/nursery. My first few blogs will be catching up on the start of the year so I have an online diary for me to look back over and enjoy.

duo of prams

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Reborn with Love

How did I first come across the Reborns. I cannot quiet believe I have took to these dolls as I never played with dolls as a child but these are quiet something.
Way back in April 2010 I went to a doll and teddy show to find a new Charley bear and was looking at a lady holding a new born baby thinking that baby is not moving as I turned a corner I noticed a table with babies on it. And more in the next room I started to talking to a few of the reborners and was told that the babies were heirloom dolls which were as life like as possible. I took a few business cards and decided I so wanted one. I was told that A reborn doll is a manufactured vinyl play doll that has been transformed in order to achieve as much realism as possible in order to resemble a human baby. The process of creating a reborn doll is referred to as reborning, and the doll artists are referred to as reborners. ..This includes the artist repainting the doll and rooting mohair onto the head. I was smitten.
I went home and started trawling the net for more information. The two reborners who took my fancy were Elaine Colbert
and Nikki Thorpe
I decided to have an Estelle kit from Elaine and called her Ellie-May
After that I couldnt stay away from the shows and to top it off my dad was interest as well and came with me. I couldnt stop at one and now have a little collection which I will introduce you to in furture blogs.

A whole new hobby and new friends had began

Kick start my blog

As i used to blog on the old yahoo 360 and throughly enjoyed it thought it would be nice to start one on here especailly as i am about to enbark on my first dolls house. So good idea to jott down my progress. I am interested in reborn dolls and will blog about those as well and my lovely Cleo the birman cat will make an appearance im sure

till next time
ta ta for now