Sunday, 24 October 2010

Victorian Miss

I adore the Victorian dress and as I am going to a Victorian weekend in December I decided to dress in the garb of the day. Going as a plane Jane nothing fancy but I kinda like this type of dress and its amazing how warm it is.

I would love to go back in time for one day to experience the Victorian era for myself I know a lot of heartache and hardship went on and the poor where looked down on but a lot of new and exciting developments happened in this time in history. some people had to fight for it yes but it just fascinates me totally this time.

Here are a few pics of me in my Nanny Macphee type of disguess lol

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Amelia the pendle witch

I have a new doll not a reborn but a witch from pendle

here is the story if you dont know about them
In 1612, 19 women and men from the villages around Pendle Hill, were accused of Witchcraft and taken before 'The Powers' - the local magistrates, Roger Nowell of Read Hall. After his examination, he sent them to Lancaster a journey of over 30 miles. They were held in Lancaster Castle, in dreadful conditions, from April to August 17th, when they were put on a trial found guilty and hanged.

With the exception of Alice Nutter, who was a gentlewoman from a wealthy family, the rest of the accused were very poor peasants, who lived in hovels on the land of various local farmers and gentry. They knew the ways of the countryside, and probably made a penny or two by providing herb potions and medicines, which meant they were regarded with great superstition by local people.

Although the story of the Pendle Witches is very sad, they have achieved international recognition

she is from
take a look some nice wicca items

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Victorian Bliss

Over the weekend our little band of reborn friends held a show and although i dont make and sell reborns i went along with dad to help out and what a lovely show it was lots of general public flowing through all day and they purchased a few dolls.
I fell in love with a Victorian doll pram and Victorian doll which i just had to have, then i saw a lovely reborn so different to my others that i couldnt resist her either, then after a year of looking i at last found my wonderful Silver Cross pram to display my reborns and take on the pram pushes. The older coach built ones are a little heavy for me to lift on my own to get into my little car, but this one is a easy fold down chasis and smaller body, and red. **gasp** and i got it for a bargin price so im well happy and thankful of my work bonus this month to pay for it all lol

hope you like them


Sunday, 3 October 2010

hop along Gail

Last Saturday I had a operation on my ankle to file the cartlidge down I have the grand reveling of said ankle on Tuesday when the bandage comes off. I have throughly enjoy being off work and caught up with reading, and adding bits and pieces to the Dolls house. I really will not want to go back to work in a weeks time lol.

I have even started crocteting and have tought my self a few stiches with a dvd "how to" and help from my good friend Dianh.

I also found a lovely pooh and eeyore bean bag on ebay to display my Ellie-May on

Thank you and welcome to all my followers I really didnt think i would get any at all, but i am nearly at 20 ....gasp!! Its so nice to get comments and take time to go round each persons blog and read all about their hobbies and lives

till next time take care and enjoy life