Sunday, 24 October 2010

Victorian Miss

I adore the Victorian dress and as I am going to a Victorian weekend in December I decided to dress in the garb of the day. Going as a plane Jane nothing fancy but I kinda like this type of dress and its amazing how warm it is.

I would love to go back in time for one day to experience the Victorian era for myself I know a lot of heartache and hardship went on and the poor where looked down on but a lot of new and exciting developments happened in this time in history. some people had to fight for it yes but it just fascinates me totally this time.

Here are a few pics of me in my Nanny Macphee type of disguess lol


  1. How cute you look! I thought you were a new doll until I saw everything was life size. :~D

    It would be fascinating to experience snippets of past eras.

  2. cool, its great to dress up, i am just sorting out outfits for my family as we are going to the Goth weekend at whitby. So its all victorian vampires. Sara x :o)

  3. Awe Christine how cute thinking i was a doll lol

    Sara i used to LOVE the gothic weekend at Whitby one of my fav places in the world i am an old romantic goth at heart