Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Victorian Bliss

Over the weekend our little band of reborn friends held a show and although i dont make and sell reborns i went along with dad to help out and what a lovely show it was lots of general public flowing through all day and they purchased a few dolls.
I fell in love with a Victorian doll pram and Victorian doll which i just had to have, then i saw a lovely reborn so different to my others that i couldnt resist her either, then after a year of looking i at last found my wonderful Silver Cross pram to display my reborns and take on the pram pushes. The older coach built ones are a little heavy for me to lift on my own to get into my little car, but this one is a easy fold down chasis and smaller body, and red. **gasp** and i got it for a bargin price so im well happy and thankful of my work bonus this month to pay for it all lol

hope you like them



  1. Your red pram was the first thing to catch my eye. I love prams and that one is gorgeous! I've never seen red! I don't think Silver Cross is as common out here, one always associates it with English nannies in movies and always in a 'tasteful' navy :~D

  2. Me encanta!!!
    Gracias por las fotografias.
    Seguro que lo pasaste genial!!!
    besitos ascension

  3. Christine the red is rare so im lucky to get it and its my fav colour so im well happy ... yes English nannies tasteful to the end lol