Friday, 17 September 2010

show delights

Last Weekend I had a very interesting couple of days on the Saturday I got together with the other members of the “Reborn Treasures” forum, we all meet at shows and like to get together each month. This month we had a lesson in mixing paints to get the correct skin tone and how to paint hair on instead of rooting. We are not setting out to be teachers but share what we have gleamed along the way with each other it’s a friendly set up and we all there to help each other. I was taught to crochet which I have always wanted to do. At the start we did a swap where we all brought along reborn items and did a swap or purchase. The time went by so fast and was a little disappointed when it was time to leave.

On the Sunday I went along to my first doll house fair held at the Stafford Show Ground which I knew well from the dog shows. I was amazed at how popular this type of hobbie is. The gypsy caravans were fabulous and really want to save up to have one of those!! It was great as a first time house builder to just drink in all the different stalls and discuss how and were to put all the stuff and ear mark some items for future buys. I couldn’t resist a set of small dolls, and dad treated me to a nursery set and dinning room set

Cannot wait for the next fair

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  1. I love going to shows especially the bigger ones, I am still amazed by how many people turn up!
    Great to ogle and get inspiration.