Friday, 3 September 2010

Blists Hill Victorian Village

Today I went to the Blists Hill Victorian Town part of Ironbridge in the UK
Costumed staff give a warm welcome and a fascinating insight into how life was lived in Victorian Times. Exchange your money in the Bank; admire the goods in the Grocers, Bakery and Sweetshop. Find out about curious remedies in the Chemist and see the printer and candle-maker in action.

A visit to the brand new shops on Canal Street is a must. Check out the season’s latest fashions in the General Draper and Outfitters, have a portrait taken in the Photographers, mail your letters and post-cards in the Post Office, select from a massive range of ‘Victorian’ treats in the Sweet Shop and enjoy a delicious portion of traditionally made fish and chips in the Fried Fish Dealers.

During the summer season the town comes alive with even more characters that portray various aspects of Victorian life and during most school holidays there are a range of hands-on activities to try.

Discover what life was like for a Victorian housewife in the cottage and in the summer enjoy a journey on a horse and cart and a ride on the fairground. On most Wednesday mornings you can see red hot molten iron being poured in The Foundry.

We had a lovely meal above the pub and purcahsed fresh bread which is baked thorught the day for people to buy. You can also exchanged cash at the bank to use the old English money of farthing, ha'penny, penny, threepence, sixpence or Tanner then use to buy things which the children enjoy any not used you can changed back in the shop or keep.
In the shop I had to buy a Victorian bear which im calling Miss Bliss to remember my day



  1. Sounds like a great day out. Even the weather shined on you!

  2. Seems like a wonderful place to visit, must go there some day! Thanks for sharing it with us x