Monday, 30 August 2010

Weekend Jollies

We had a bank holiday weekend here in UK which means the Monday is a nation holiday.
On Sunday I went to a garden/craft center close to where I live, they had a big indoor hall full of little craft stalls, a few units outside and a lovely tea rooms. With good home cooked foods on sale to either eat in or take away to cook yourself.

After looking in vane in local town i found a craft bag to put my bits and peices in when im crochetering, and after years of searching found a lady selling a otterman which i remember my mum having across the bottom of her bed when i was a child this one was a small one just right for my flat.

Today the Monday we went 10 miles to West Brom to the Sandwell Valley show where a few of my reborn friends had stalls, they had a good day selling a few reborns. I took along darcy in her pram and had a few really nice comments and a couple of "how werid" but I enjoyed the day very much.


  1. I just don't understand the 'how weird' people! I'd take my dogs with me in a pram if there wasn't so much resistance to dogs in public places. What harm is there in adults playing a little?

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