Sunday, 8 August 2010

Manchester Show 2010

Dad and I went to the Discover Dolls show at Manchester today and thoroughly enjoyed our day. It was all in one room but not too crowded, not as many stalls as the two day show. I saw and chatted with lots of my new found friends within the reborn world and Maxina at Threads for Tiny Tots has said she will make me a dress with Eeyore on or a romper suit as I have been looking all over for one to no avail and if I did find one some lovely person always pipped me to the post on eBay lol.

I purchased a lovely dress for my new adopted reborn Charlotte Rose and a delightful Victorian Pram with a mini babe in to display on my unit at home in the nursery corner. We came away just after lunch as we had a couple hours drive. Rather pleased with the day.


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