Friday, 27 August 2010

Home at Last

I have made a lovely new friend in Debbie Lee of the THE LITTLE SAINTS NURSERY blogs and when i saw this darling girl I just had to treat myself. But what a long long wait no fault of Debbie's just a very tireing journey for my little poppet, Debbie posted her out at the beginnig of the month and we were both holding our breaths and wondering if she was ok, I then contacted the customs in Southampton who said the parcel wasnt even in the country, but the two days later she arrived and judging from the label on parcel had been sitting in London customs for a week poor love.

But she is home and cuddled, showed off at my place of work and everybody thought she was adoreable, most saying she was a poppet, a sweetie and a ture work of art. I just love her hair and the wonderful little dummy!!

I am just glad she is safe, Now I am debatiing as to putting her in my dolls house when finish or keeping her with the other small mini doll in a little basket in living room where she will be seen more.

After a couple of days of thinking about a name I am going to call her Fay as she is like a little fairy, very delicate.

Thank you once again Debbie for a lovely work of art to add to my collection


  1. Hi Gail, Thank you for visiting my blog and your very nice comments. Your visit allowed me to find you and your blog! I love dolls too and flea that like a car boot??? Not sure, anyway, I find so many treasures for pennys too.

  2. Fay is a little sweetie! You lucky new mum ;)

  3. Enhorabuena!!!
    Las muñecas de Debbie, son maravillosas y tu preciosa hada un encanto.
    besitos ascension