Thursday, 19 August 2010

Car boot Bargin

Went along to our local car boot this weekend as I was looking for a crib or moses basket for Charlotte Rose. I found a bargin a wooden rocking crib for £2 no bedding but that doesnt matter. Dad got a nice chair for his toddler dolls with winnie the pooh on for £1.50.

These car boots that have sprung up in the UK are really good if you got time to browse through the nick naks, some granted is rubbish but you can find little gems. One lady does superb baby clothes all in plastic wrapers and most no more than £3. Dad got trousers, cardi, and 4 t-shirts all for a £5....bargin!!!

Decided to paint the outside of dolls house oatmeal as the blue made it look a bit lost as my wall of nursery is blue. but i think once the white of the windows, roof tiles and the black of railings it will look very nice indeed

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